Friday, November 11, 2011

QNXT eXtended Integration (QXI) Services

Available with QNXT 4.81 or later, is a new integration option called QNXT eXtended Integration (QXI) services.  QXI services, built on the .NET WCF platform, are web services which allow for application integration with QNXT.  These are a big deal.  Up until this point, the most prevalent integration option was a direct database integration or using the QNXT SDK.  The former option was a very manual code intensive integration, and the latter option was not very robust and offered very limited functionality.  With QNXT 4.81, QXI appears to be the preferred choice for integrating QNXT with 3rd party or proprietary (home grown) applications.  Out of the box, integration features are available for:
  • Financial A/R Systems
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Underwriting Solution
  • Homegrown Employer/Provider/Member Web Portals (PTS)
  • Web Enrollment for Membership and Employers
  • Scanning/ Document imaging retrieval
  • PBM
  • Third Party FSA vendors
  • HEDIS Reporting
  • IVR / Customer Service
  • External Case Management Solutions

I am looking forward to kicking the tires on these services and posting a review

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