Thursday, July 2, 2009

How to connect your Apple TimeCapsule to an existing network

1. Unpack your Apple TimeCapsule

2. Plug in a network cable into a LAN port on your TimeCapsule, and a LAN port on your existing network/router. Then plug in the TimeCapsule power cable to a power outlet. When the TimeCapsule comes on and configures itself, a blinking amber light will be on. This signifies a network connection problem. The next few steps will fix this problem.

3. On your MAC, Airport Utility should pop up after a few minutes. This comes out of the box with Leopard, but it also comes on the install CD that accompanies the TimeCapsule

4. Click the Manual Setup button

5. Click Internet in top navigation. Then under Connection Sharing, select "Off (Bridge Mode)". Then click the Update button. The TimeCapsule will reboot, and will come back up with a solid green status light, signifying it is ready to use.

If you don't need it, recommend you also turn the Wireless Network off.

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